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Savings tips that still let you eat the smashed avo

  1. Save money and the planet. Buy and sell second hand.

As more and more of us become acutely aware that buying everything new isn’t just hurting our bank balances, but the planet, embrace second hand as a handy way to both save and make money.

If you’re in the market for a big-ticket item (maybe a coffee table, a dining table) check out your local facebook marketplace, browsing local op-shops or other second hand websites such as Gumtree. You can save yourself thousands of dollars doing this.

And why not make yourself thousands of dollars by selling things which you no longer use? Never forget one person’s trash, really is another person’s treasure.

2. Don’t Ask. Don’t Get

Ask for a better deal on some of your bills. Can you get a better rate on your home loan (this is something a mortgage broker like us can help you with 😉)? Or a better rate on your insurance? Or your utilities? There are whole teams dedicated to ‘retaining customers’ which means rather than your electricity company being surprised when you call asking for a better rate, they are almost expecting you to call and will hopefully swing into action to do all they can to keep you as their customer.

3. Think Before Spending

Recognise ‘emotional spending’ and try to avoid it. Two practical ways to try and help curb impulse buys is to apply the 30-day rule to major purchases. This means that if you’re about to make a really big purchase, stick it a wish list, and come back to it in 30 days. This takes the ‘impulsiveness’ out of purchasing, and should have the immediate effect of not having the postman deliver you online packages as regularly as he has been!

Another good rule to apply to yourself is for every discretionary purchase (think clothes, jewellery etc), transfer the same amount into your savings account. This really will make you think twice about what you’re spending, as you literally will be allocating twice the original amount!

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