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About Us

What We Want For You

While falling in love with a home you want to buy is easy, buying a home is actually a complicated process and one that can feel daunting and overwhelming, especially given most people only do it once, if not a few times in their life.

At Coast Home Loans we use our experience and expertise to secure competitive financing and make purchasing a home as easy as possible for you.

About Grace

Instead of talking about myself in the third person, as these sections so often awkwardly do, I’m going to tell you a little bit about myself written by me, about me.

It feels only fair to tell you a little bit about me. Especially since, as a mortgage broker, I ask a whole of really personal questions about you. Such as how many credit cards you have and how much you spend on your groceries each week.


My own answer to the how much do I spend on groceries question always feels like a  lot! Especially as when I’m not mortgage broking, I’m a snack slave to my 3 kids 😉 Though if this is the part where we are meant to say we enjoy cooking, I don't. Never have, never will. 

 I do however absolutely love being a mortgage broker and if I do say so myself I'm damn good at it. I love people and I love helping them achieve their property and money goals. My clients can attest that I can go and beyond every single time. I am solution orientated and hyper focused when it comes to getting my clients approved for the loan they need. 


Like 99% of Australia's population, I'm real estate obsessed and am as guilty as the next person for scrolling real estate listings well past my bedtime. Aren't we all! 

Like lots of my clients, I am a keen property investor and am excited to be embarking on a reno of our forever home this year while also building a granny flat on an investment property we own to increase it's rental yield.  

In an industry that I think can often try to bamboozle with too much jargon and acronyms (LMI, LVR, and DTI to name just a few!) I pride myself on being a clear communicator and love helping unpack the seemingly complicated process of getting a home loan. 

I am a big believer in supporting the community we live in and work in, and I'm a very proud sponsor of Avoca Beach Surf Club and the Football Development League. 

As a self employed business owner myself, I have endless empathy and respect for my self employed clients and am a self employed specialist. 

I feel extremely proud to have been recognized in the prestigious Better Business Awards as a State Finalist for their New Broker Award. 


 Diploma of Mortgage Broking and Finance

 Bachelor of Commerce (Liberal Studies) from the University of Sydney.

Proud member of the Mortgage and Finance Association of Australia (MFAA).

What You Can Expect From Us

After learning about your situation we set about finding a loan that meets your needs, based on what is important for you. You’ve found your property but need finance in a hurry? Looking for a great rate? Need to use a guarantor? You need finance to build a home or renovate?

We have you covered for all of these scenarios and more.

We manage every detail of the loan application for you, keeping you fully informed on the progress of your loan application right through to settlement.


Even at settlement, we’ll liaise with all relevant parties (for example your solicitor or conveyancer) on your behalf to ensure a seamless and smooth settlement process. 

Rest assured, that our support doesn't end at settlement. Post settlement, we'll regularly review your home loan to make sure it's still the best for you at that point in time. 


How Much Does Working With Coast Home Loans Cost?

There is no cost to you for using a mortgage broker. In fact, not only is our service complimentary, we have access to discounted loan rates and can shop around on your behalf from our wide panel of leading lenders.

We don't have favourite banks and are all about working out which bank is right for YOU. I often refer to myself as a matchmaker but for banks and clients. For example, you might have just started in a new job last month and whilst there's some banks who won't lend to you while you're in probation, I know just which banks won't bat an eye at lending to you while still in probation. 

Get updates on the latest loans available, property market trends, and how you can buy your next property:

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